UMR-Group032315wAt Universal, we understand healthcare has been transformed by a complex set of regulatory and business challenges directly impacting the way you manage patient care. When we become a member of your team, we’re able to help you stay focused on the business of improving the health and wellness of your patients.

Many of our customers are just like you.

They want a partner who asks the right questions before recommending either a new or reconditioned SPECT nuclear imaging system that meets their clinical and budgetary requirements.

They’re looking for expert maintenance services with rapid turnaround from someone who has extensive understanding of their systems, and builds trusting relationships with their in-house engineers and technicians.  

If something breaks or gets worn out, they know we can provide the exact new or reconditioned part at a competitive price, and can ship it out the same day.

Lastly, they’re confident that our certified clinical specialists and trainers give their nuclear imaging technologists and clinical engineers the knowledge they need to thrive in their jobs.

Universal. Reinventing the Business of Nuclear Imaging.