At this year's Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) annual meeting, it was clear there's a groundswell of interest in portable nuclear imaging. Portable non-SPECT imaging systems are sometimes overlooked as a necessary compliment to existing SPECT systems. Universal demonstrated its DDD portable system which is a perfect fit for a range of clinical imaging applications including thyroid, renal, MUGA, gallbladder, and others.

Newer portable imaging systems are dramatically smaller, lighter and less costly to acquire and operate than the older portables. These newer systems are very easy to maneuver making them perfect for bedside use and are small enough to be stored in the corner of any room.

It's safe to say non-SPECT portables such as the SoloMobile can play a valuable clinical role in any department as well as providing facilities an economical solution to free up existing SPECT equipment to perform more complex procedures.