SPECT Imaging

The concept of Theranostics has been around since we first learned about monoclonal antibodies in the late 1970's. The promise was great then and is just being realized today with what is now called Theranostics. Our ability to provide precision diagnostic nuclear imaging and therapy with SPECT based nuclear medicine is emerging and it's very exciting. The SPECT imaging technology already exists, it's in nuclear medicine departments today and ready for use. What we await is the Theranostic agent and they are close. Regulatory agencies, FDA and others, will have to consider the benefit to the patient population when examining the request for approval. I hope they keep in mind, in the quantity (the mass) these are administered to the cancer patient the effect of the drug itself is almost negligible. The impact of the delivery of the cell killer to the tumor is immeasurable except when one considers the saving of life by the elimination of a previously terminal cancer. There's a distance to go before these agents are in general use but, we clearly are on the right road. Now it's up to nuclear medicine professionals to spread the word as this will be the next big area for nuclear medicine.

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