Ameli Dadourian Heart Center, headquartered in the Tivoli Village of Las Vegas, Nevada, is a concierge cardiology and board certified Internal Medicine medical practice offering comprehensive cardiovascular services including Heart Monitoring, Interventional Cardiology, Pacemaker Testing, Pulmonary Function Testing, EKG, Ultrasound, Stress Testing and Lab Services.

“We had a fantastic experience working with Universal on the CardioMD install. Due to the location and logistics of our office, it couldn’t have been a more difficult installation but they got through it with no trouble.”
~ Amy Godsoe, Director of Operations, Ameli Dadourian Heart Center

The Ameli Dadourian Heart Center was founded in 2015 by Dr. Sean Ameli and Dr. Berge Dadourian. The doctors have practiced together for over 20 years. The staff takes great pride in providing patients customized and personalized care, with same-day appointments. To provide such a high level of care, the Center relies on world-class diagnostic imaging technology.

Patient-Centric Cardiac Care at a Moment’s Notice

With a nuclear imaging schedule that can change at a moment’s notice it’s crucial the Ameli Dadourian Heart Center’s nuclear imaging camera is always available and ready for use. For smaller practices such as this medical practice, with many Medicare and Medicaid patients, acquiring high quality nuclear imaging equipment at an affordable price is a challenge. Keeping the system operational and at peak performance is an ongoing concern. That’s where Universal Medical (Universal) comes in.

When Dr. Ameli and Dr. Dadourian decided that the Philips CardioMD was the right cardiac SPECT camera for their practice, they chose Universal as their preferred vendor. Universal delivered a Universal Certified reconditioned CardioMD, which ensures the camera meets all OEM specifications and operates as good as, or better than, new. Universal’s highly skilled technicians installed the camera, performing a suite of tests to ensure the reconditioned CardioMD was functioning properly. Universal also provided expert training for the Ameli Dadourian Heart Center staff before the camera was put into clinical use.

Purchasing a reconditioned SPECT imaging system from Universal rather than buying a new camera resulted in significant savings to the Heart Center. As a Universal customer, the Ameli Dadourian Heart Center is confident it is receiving the same high level of service and support it pledges to provide its own patients.

Choosing to purchase a Universal Medical certified reconditioned Philips CardioMD camera has allowed Ameli Dadourian Heart Center to confidently deliver on its commitment to providing outstanding personal and customized care for greater Las Vegas proving that small practices with limited budgets can deliver world-class care without compromising on clinical quality.