How Caldwell Medical Center Continues to Deliver High-Quality Care to Western Kentucky

Caldwell Medical Center (CMC) is a not-for-profit critical access hospital that provides medical care for all primary care needs and is a vital part of the twin lakes region in western Kentucky. Originally established in 1947, the current CMC facility was built in 2009 and provides state-of-the-art clinical care for its patients.

CMC plays a major role in serving both Caldwell and Lyon counties with a patient population exceeding 20,000. A very large percentage of which are 65 or over with 65-70% on Medicare or Medicaid.

The hospital is equipped with advanced technology and 15 highly-skilled physicians, eight APRNS, as well as specialists who visit on a regular basis to provide services, clinics, and procedures. Its imaging technologies include: nuclear medicine, X-ray, fluoroscopy, digital mammography, ultrasound, CT, DEXA, and MRI. The full service department is filmless. Diagnostic information is available immediately for electronic storage or for secure transfer to physicians.

"At CMC, we want to provide our patients with the best, most advanced technology and clinical services, while still keeping in mind the cost to remain viable. Universal enabled us to do just that."

Charles Lovell, CEO, Caldwell Medical Center

Advancing Technology and the Reality of Reimbursement

As the region’s only resource for diagnostic imaging, it’s important that CMC continually advance technology and remain financially viable. As a non-profit organization and with reimbursement still an obstacle in the healthcare industry – especially with a majority of its patients utilizing Medicare and Medicaid – CMC sought a partner who offered a high-quality reconditioned nuclear imaging system that could be counted on for the long-term. That is why CMC chose Universal Medical Resources.

By selecting a reconditioned Philips Forte SPECT camera from Universal, CMC leverages technology that is still quite advanced and has the throughput and system capabilities to meet their clinical and financial objectives. By offering high-quality diagnostic information to our physicians, CMC can improve positive patient outcomes while controlling costs.

Before the reconditioned Forte SPECT camera was installed, the old camera was professionally removed by Universal. Universal sent a team to survey the site to ensure the old camera could be removed and the new one installed without issue. By partnering with Universal for a comprehensive package including de-installation of the old camera, installation of the reconditioned Philips Forte and ongoing service, CMC knew it was receiving the highest quality and most reliable equipment and service required to meet their diagnostic imaging demands and still stay within budget constraints.

Caldwell Medical Center is dedicated to providing the twin lakes region of western Kentucky with the best imaging services available. By investing in a reconditioned nuclear imaging system, CMC proves that non-profit organizations do not have to sacrifice quality for price and those facilities serving rural areas can provide the same level of care as institutions in large metropolitan areas.