How Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada Provide High Quality Diagnosis and Treatment for Southern Nevada

Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada (CCCN) is a multidisciplinary oncology group based in Southern Nevada which first formed in 1974. The group is comprised of 15 treatment centers and offices that specialize in medical oncology, hematology, radiation oncology, breast surgery, and pulmonary medicine. In 1995, CCCN physicians joined with The US Oncology Network, a nation leader in cancer care advancement, in order to continuously provide its patients with the most progressive and effective cancer treatments available.

"The customer service we receive from Universal is outstanding. If they cannot walk us through the problem over the phone, I know they will be here to solve it themselves. They make sure things get done."

Roy Lamey, Radiology Supervisor, Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada

CCCN has provided its community with the latest advancements in cancer treatment and a full range of innovative services and research-based care for more than 35 years. With its 15 treatment centers, CCCN is able to serve a patient population of close to 1.5 million spanning across Southern Nevada including Las Vega’s central valley, Boulder City, northwest Las Vegas, southwest Las Vegas, Summerlin, and Henderson.

CCCN strives to consistently provide its patients with access to ground-breaking clinical research and diagnostics so they do not have to leave the state to receive world-class care. This makes it of the utmost importance that they maintain state-of-the-art medical imaging equipment. One of CCCN’s busiest diagnostic imaging facilities is the Central Valley Treatment Center (Central Valley) in Las Vegas, which sees as many as 400 patients a month; 50-75 a month being nuclear imaging patients.

World-Class Diagnostics Close to Home

Because CCCN understands how vital diagnostic imaging is for making the quickest diagnosis and for tracking the progress of treatment, it ensures that the Philips/ADAC Genesys gamma camera it operates at the Central Valley facility is always running as smoothly as possible. It is important CCCN maintains its ability to provide physicians with accurate information fast and efficiently. Since affordability is a major challenge in the healthcare industry, CCCN needs to utilize a cost-effective provider that has the ability to deliver high quality parts, service, and support to keep their Genesys operating at an optimum level.

By making the intelligent choice of working with Universal Medical, CCCN receives support and parts in a timely manner whenever they need it, whether it’s for a repair – something they may otherwise not have been able to accomplish while under an OEM contract – or for scheduled preventive maintenance. Even though the Central Valley facility may not perform a demanding amount of nuclear scans on a regular basis, it’s important to CCCN to always have the camera available to its patients, running as good as or better than new. With assistance from Universal, CCCN has the assurance it needs to confidently meet its mission to deliver world-class diagnostic care to its patients.

Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada has made a significant commitment to bring state-of-the-art and innovative diagnostic and treatment services to the Southern Nevada community. Pairing patient centered care with high-level performance from its imaging technology, CCCN continues to prove why it is a world-class choice for its community’s diagnostic imaging services.