How Front Range Nuclear Services Provides Superior Technical Service to its Customers Far and Wide

Front Range Nuclear Services has been in operation for 15 years. The nuclear medicine staff has more than 75 years of combined diagnostic imaging experience. Front Range’s mission is to bring high-quality, affordable nuclear imaging solutions to rural areas. Without Front Range these rural areas might be without needed patient services.

Day-in-and-out, Front Range serves 38 hospitals spanning four states and provides leasing options nation-wide. Its core offerings include: interim leasing, mobile service, fixed-site service, and an online viewing system. Providing mobile services enables patients to have access to needed nuclear imaging closer to home, saving travel time and resulting in a faster diagnosis – which can sometimes be lifesaving. The mobile service also allows facilities to continue service while construction is occurring or add nuclear service if their patient demand doesn’t support the acquisition of a dedicated nuclear camera.

"It’s important that our mobile fleet is always up and running since so many of our patients reside in rural areas and depend upon us. With Universal on our side, we know we can count on them in a pinch to provide the part we need or answer a technical service question. They are superheroes on a daily basis."

Matt Johnson, President and Co-Founder, Front Range Nuclear Services

The Premiere Imaging Choice

Universal has supported Front Range since they began operations. Front Range manages more than a dozen systems and requires a regular supply of new and reconditioned parts to keep the equipment running. When a Front Range field service engineer requires a part overnight, the Universal team gets involved to make sure they’re ordering the right part and other ancillary pieces needed to ensure they have everything required for an efficient repair.

With nuclear diagnostic imaging equipment from various manufacturers under Front Range’s management, having access to the knowledgeable people at Universal is critical to maximizing uptime for their equipment.

Front Range sends its field service personnel to Universal’s training courses in order to get a combination of classroom and hands-on experience with many of the cameras they operate. By attending these courses regularly, the Front Range technicians build the skills that enable them to fix many problems themselves.

It is Front Range Nuclear Services’ mission to be the best resource of medical imaging and diagnostic services for the medical imaging community. Whether that means at either a fixed or mobile nuclear imaging service site, Front Range exemplifies how an organization can serve its clients affordably without sacrificing quality. On many occasions, the long-time working relationship with Universal meant we solved a problem immediately and provided the nuclear imaging service rather than telling a customer they’d have to wait days for their camera to be online.

Front Range Nuclear Services is a privately held corporation headquartered in Cheyenne, Wyoming currently providing mobile, interim, and fixed site services in Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, and California. Front Range is a turnkey solution for hospitals dealing with a renovation, seeking an equipment upgrade, wishing to increase their catchment area or don’t currently provide nuclear imaging.