How Lodi Health provides the best diagnostic imaging service possible to Central California

When the hospital first opened more than 60 years ago, it served the 14,000 residents of Lodi, California. Today, with all of the new facilities the system has added through the years, it reaches more than 65,000 Lodi residents.

Lodi Health’s imaging department is located in the Lodi Memorial Hospital Outpatient Service Center. The department includes services such as 64-slice CT scan, nuclear medicine, digital ultrasound, digital x-ray, cardiac catheterization, and MRI. Since Lodi Health’s team understands how early detection saves lives, they continue to invest in state-of-the-art medical imaging equipment. This allows their patients to begin the appropriate treatment sooner.

“We were very pleased with our SoloMobile purchase right off the bat. The installation and setup went flawlessly. Though this was our first experience with Universal, Universal will receive top consideration during any future equipment purchase.”

Angela Ricker, Lodi Health

Patient-centric Nuclear Imaging

The nuclear imaging department can become extremely busy at Lodi Health with such a large patient population to serve. Even still, it’s imperative that it can perform all necessary scans when needed no matter the level of demand. In order to serve its patients comfortably without putting stress on the department, Lodi Health decided to add another nuclear imaging camera. With many of those patients being either uninsured or dependent upon Medicare/Medicaid, affordability was a major concern. Lodi Health sought out a company that could provide a versatile nuclear camera at a reasonable price point – Universal Medical Resources (Universal).

The camera Lodi Health selected was the SoloMobile – a highly-maneuverable, battery-powered gamma camera that offers the rapid imaging required by Lodi’s patient demand at a cost-effective price. Since the camera is so compact, it provides unobstructed access and can be moved easily. By making the smart choice of acquiring the SoloMobile through Universal, Lodi Health not only received a top-of-the-line nuclear imaging system, it also received expert installation and setup. The Universal team provided in-depth training on how to use the system and stayed until the Lodi team was comfortable with the SoloMobile. In adding this flexible and affordable camera, Lodi Health’s imaging department will be able to keep pace with its patient growth and know that they have one of the most technologically advanced gamma cameras in the industry.

Lodi Health strives to provide its patients with state-of-the-art technology to improve outcomes. By selecting an advanced nuclear imaging system that fits its needs, both operationally and financially, and by choosing Universal, Lodi Health demonstrates how not-for-profit healthcare systems can keep pace with patient growth and maintain fiscal responsibility.

Lodi Health is a private, not-for-profit healthcare system based in California’s Central Valley. Lodi Health provides high-quality healthcare to its patients and strives to improve the quality of life in the community it serves. The system is comprised of many facilities, including an in-patient hospital, urgent care, family care, specialty care, home health, imaging and laboratory services, wound care, surgical care, rehabilitation center, and a fitness center.