Medical Outsourcing Solutions (MOS), headquartered in Sycamore, Illinois, is a national healthcare provider that helps hospitals add ancillary imaging services to their practices. MOS brings services such as Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasounds, CT/MRI, PET/CT, Molecular Breast Imaging, and screening services to hospitals and clinics in Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

“Working with Universal has been great. It’s reassuring to know that if we ever run into equipment trouble at any one of our facilities we can count on Universal to be there on the phone or in person any time.”

— Lori Mathey, Operations Manager, Medical Outsourcing Solutions

Demand for Nuclear Imaging Services can be volatile. It’s not always feasible for smaller hospitals to implement a fully equipped multimodality imaging department. It’s just too costly to own and maintain the equipment when the patient population is limited. Each hospital has different needs for equipment and expert personnel. MOS’s full turnkey solution provides their customers exactly what’s needed to deliver high-quality care to their patient base.

Nuclear Medicine Access for All

MOS provides an individually customized Nuclear Medicine Imaging Solution for its customer hospitals and clinics that covers all requirements, from equipment to staffing, set-up to support, in a cost-effective, timely manner. To service both new and reconditioned high performance Nuclear Imaging equipment at its ten contracted facilities, MOS has partnered with Universal Medical. MOS’s customers receive Universal’s world-class support. Universal’s field-service engineers are specifically trained in nuclear medicine and have years of experience servicing all major SPECT manufacturers’ makes and models. Service response and turnaround times can be customized to match customer requirements, and availability of like-new certified reconditioned parts is comprehensive. Universal’s unparalleled service expertise and flexibility allows MOS to keep their customers up and running—and on budget.

Medical Outsourcing Solutions continues to deliver the best nuclear medicine solutions possible to hospitals throughout the mid-western United States. By partnering with Universal, MOS can help their customers drive better patient outcomes at an affordable price without sacrificing quality or efficiency.