How Palm Coast Cardiovascular Institute serves the community with leading cardiovascular medical care

For over a decade Palm Coast has been providing cardiac care to Flagler County, which is comprised of a population of close to 100,000. The doctors and administrators at Palm Coast are proud to provide the tools and technology that give their patients the best possible care.

Palm Coast offers a comprehensive cardiovascular health program. The members of the practice were instrumental advancing the protocols used in treatment of acute myocardial infarction and heart failure protocols.

"As soon as I came to work for Palm Coast and found out Universal was their service provider I was thrilled! Universal is a company that pulls all their resources to show up and support or stay on the phone until the problem is solved. Working with them I know the job will get done."

Dean Alvarez, Cardiology Director, Palm Coast Cardiology Institute

Nothing Stops for Patient’s Health

As the area’s go to site for cardiovascular diagnostic imaging, it’s essential that Palm Coast’s nuclear imaging equipment be available for patient scanning when called upon. With many of its patients being either uninsured or dependent upon Medicare/Medicaid, affordability is a major concern for the practice. Palm Coast needs a partner with the ability to provide high quality parts, service, and support to keep their nuclear cardiology imaging equipment running at optimum performance.

Palm Coast Cardiovascular Institute made a commitment to bring needed nuclear diagnostic imaging services to the people of Flagler County and the surrounding areas. Palm Coast has demonstrated that working with supportive vendors like Universal means a practice can serve rural communities providing the same level of care as virtually any institution in the country.

Palm Coast Cardiovascular Institute (Palm Coast) is one of Florida’s leading cardiology practices. It was the first in its region to have a national certification in echocardiography and nuclear cardiology. It was also the first with a board-certified cardiologist managing a nationally-accredited cardiac imaging center. Palm Coast has become extremely important to the economically disadvantaged in its catchment area. Palm Coast was first to offer comprehensive screening to the County’s uninsured patients.