How Southern Tennessee Cardiology Delivers Outstanding Care to Rural Tennessee

Southern Tennessee Cardiology (STC) located in Winchester, Tennessee, is a clinic which holds expertise in a wide range of cardiac care specialties including: diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, exercise ECG, peripheral vascular angiograms, and pacemaker and defibrillator implants. The clinic serves as the main outpatient cardiology facility for Southern Tennessee Regional Healthcare Center with a philosophy centered on innovation, and evidence based medicine using state-of-the-art diagnostics to deliver premium cardiac care to their patients.

“We love working with Universal. They are extremely responsive and always get out to us from Missouri whenever we need. When our five year lease is up, I can tell you we will not be changing providers.”

Daniel Annear, CNMT, Southern Tennessee Cardiology

Since opening its doors STC has been the sole cardiac provider for all of Franklin County serving more than half a million people. STC’s patients, especially the elderly who find it difficult to travel long distances, are dependent upon them for their cardiac care needs. The clinic is committed to improving quality of life by designing a comprehensive cardiac care plan for each patient. To do this they rely on today’s most cutting-edge diagnostic imaging technology.

Exceptional Diagnostic Imaging Technology

Though located in a rural environment, STC runs a very brisk day-to-day operation, seeing seven patients a day on average. Because of that steady demand for scanning, it is essential that STC’s nuclear imaging equipment be available for patient scanning when called upon. When the time came to replace their aging cardiac SPECT system, STC needed something that could keep up with their clinic’s scan schedule and that met their budgetary requirements. Most of STC’s patients rely on Medicare or Medicade making affordability a major concern in their search for a replacement system. To help them find the best nuclear cardiology camera matching their exacting clinical and budgetary needs, STC’s management called upon Universal Medical (Universal), the nuclear imaging experts.

After many years of experience with right-sizing cameras for their customers, Universal was very familiar with the situation STC was in. Under no circumstances could a single clinical need be sacrificed for budget. STC’s management and the Universal team consulted about their diagnostic needs. They sought a cardiac specific camera which could fit in the allocated space, and improve patient comfort. Together they were able to find the perfect system to match STC’s clinical needs as well as meet their budgetary limitations. A reconditioned Siemens was purchased at a fraction of the cost of a new nuclear cardiology camera. Universal worked with STC’s unique budget constraints and offered a cost-effective leasing agreement that would enable STC to own the at the end of five years. Universal’s flexibility with the agreement made it an easy decision for STC management to approve. After the installation, Universal’s expert technicians provided the necessary application training and will provide continued service through the length of the lease.

As the singular cardiac care provider in Franklin County, STC strives to provide its patients with the best possible diagnostic imaging services available. Choosing to utilize a Universal Medical certified reconditioned Siemens enables them to do just that. STC’s choice of Universal for its nuclear cardiology equipment and service needs proves smaller clinics with tight budgets can achieve outstanding high-level care and not compromise clinical quality due to budgetary demands.