How Texas County Memorial Hospital's Advanced Nuclear Imaging Technology and Care
Delivers High Quality Diagnostic Service

Texas County Memorial Hospital (TCMH) in Houston, Missouri, is an acute care institution offering medical care for all primary care needs. The hospital prides itself on providing excellent diagnostic imaging services to its community. Recently, it upgraded its radiology department facilities and equipment, which also serves as a clinical training site for radiology students.

TCMH has been serving the Texas County community for years, with coverage for a 40-mile radius from Houston, which includes counties such as Dent, Phelps, Shannon, Wright, Laclede, and Pulaski. Though Houston is a smaller city of just over 2,000 people, Texas County holds a population of 26,000 – 13% of which are over the age of 65.

Serving a rural community with most patients being in the elderly population, TCMH is the regional provider, with the next closest institution being an hour away. The hospital provides emergency services, surgery, obstetrics, laboratory, radiology, cardiopulmonary, and physical therapy. The radiology department at TCMH is a full service department offering all imaging modalities, including SPECT.

With its radiology staff being available 24-hours a day, TCMH is able to provide around the clock coverage to assist physicians in treating patients with critical cases that require immediate attention.

"We are dedicated to providing our community with the most up to date diagnostic service – in a way that makes sense for our department, especially with the nature of healthcare right now. Universal made it possible for us to find a high quality yet affordable solution."

Ann Hamilton, Texas County Memorial Hospital

Expanding for the Future

TCMH is currently amidst the third phase of a major strategic renovation to improve care for its patients. The first was an initial expansion. The second was a remodel, and now a brand-new surgery suite, as well as a tornado safe room for the community. When completed, additional departments will be remodeled and the end product will virtually be a brand-new facility for the Texas County community.

As the singular resource for patients in the area, it's imperative to TCMH that they are able to continually advance, which means offering leading-edge nuclear imaging technology. With affordability being a major challenge in the healthcare industry and serving a community dependent upon Medicare/Medicaid, TCMH needs to have a partner with the ability to provide a high quality reconditioned nuclear imaging system, service and support.

TCMH currently has an expertly-reconditioned ADAC Forte Gamma Camera for its nuclear imaging that was from Universal Medical Resources. Universal also provides preventive maintenance for the camera, which was a high priority when TCMH originally partnered with Universal.

By making the smart investment in a reconditioned nuclear imaging system, TCMH is able to keep pace with the department's growth and technological advancements at an affordable price without having to replace equipment every few years. With a trusted partner like Universal, the hospital has confidence that it is receiving the best possible customer service, at the same level it pledges to provide to its patients.

Texas County Memorial Hospital is dedicated to providing their region with high-quality medical imaging services. By selecting the best possible nuclear imaging technology that fits within its capital and operational economic models, TCMH has shown that facilities serving small and rural communities can provide the same level of care as virtually any institution in the country.