Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast on August 25, with winds as high as 130 miles per hour. Over the course of the storm, parts of Houston saw more than 40 inches of rainfall, the U.S. National Weather Service reported. The Harris County Flood Control District -- to which Houston belongs -- estimated that 70% of the county had been covered by at least 1.5 ft of water and 1 trillion gallons of water fell over the county over the course of the storm.
But rather than overwhelming radiologists and radiology staff on the ground in Houston, the crisis brought out their best, according to Dr. Mark Willis at Baylor College of Medicine. Willis is chief of Baylor's musculoskeletal imaging and intervention department and associate director of its diagnostic radiology residency program.

"It's amazing to see the empathy an emergency brings out in people -- toward patients and toward their coworkers," Willis told "It was hard on our staff, from radiologists to technologists to clerks, to be away from home, because some were also personally affected by the storm. But as horrible as the crisis was, everyone pulled together in professional collaboration."

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