There are critical steps that need to be taken into account to ensure successful system relocation. At Universal Medical, we know exactly what those are – do you?

When setting up a system move, it's important for you, the customer, to be fully aware of what is needed for the move to run smoothly. That way you can be assured you are receiving the proper service.

Like any purchasing decision, don't think price first. Every single move is different – the camera type, locations and facilities involved, the timing – and not until all of these are understood and agreed upon, can a realistic price be determined.

In order to perform your system relocations efficiently and as smoothly as possible, we have designed this detailed checklist.

Take a look and see for yourself what should be taken into account when performing a proper system relocation.

If you need to relocate a system right away or just think you may in the future, give us a call. We would love to help.