Universal offers a family of nuclear imaging systems by DDD-Diagnostic – a leading manufacturer of reliable and innovative gamma camera systems.

small quantumQuantumCam™: this multi-purpose SPECT camera offers full flexibility in detector positioning, offering versatile use for whole-body procedures, general SPECT, cardiac SPECT, and planar imaging. Small footprint (less than 10’ x 10’ space) and patient-focused design provides comfort and ease-of-use.

small corcamCorCam™: a fixed 90-degree nuclear cardiology camera with two matched detectors for increased throughput, high detector performance, excellent resolution, and superior image quality. Compact design fits in almost any room, perfect for smaller facilities/offices.

small solomobileSoloMobile: a versatile, cost-effective, and compact system designed for a large range of planar procedures, such as imaging of the thyroid gland, parathyroid, multi-gated cardiac, and sentinel node. Small footprint offers unobstructed patient access, portability, and configurability.