Universal is the healthcare industry's premier provider of reconditioned nuclear imaging systems from:

  • GE - Infinia, Millennium MG
  • Siemens -,, Symbia
  • Philips - BrightView, Forte, CardioMD

Fully warranted, expertly reconditioned SPECT systems are supported by our highly trained engineers and skilled technicians. Most importantly, each system is thoroughly tested by one of our certified clinical support specialists before it can be released for delivery. For more information about our Reconditioned systems view our Reconditioning Process Brochure.

Universal Certified Reconditioning Service

Universal Medical is the healthcare industry's premiere provider of reconditioned nuclear imaging systems and parts from the major manufacturers.

Because we know reliable operation is important, we expertly recondition every SPECT system and methodically test the cameras before they are approved for delivery by our Certified Clinical Support Specialists. All the parts required to bring your nuclear camera to full operational capability are stored in a climate controlled environment to ensure freshness and performance. All of Universal’s reconditioned systems are backed by our warranty and supported by our highly-trained engineers and technicians.

A reconditioned nuclear imaging device isn’t declared Universal Certified until we’re 100% satisfied the camera is ready to give you years of trouble-free operation.

Learn more about the Universal Reconditioning process by watching our video. We do focus on our job so you can do yours.

Universal's Reconditioning Process
Reconditioning Process

For more information about reconditioned systems from Universal Medical, download the Reconditioning Process Brochure here. To inquire about our current inventory, contact us at 1-888-239-3510, email, or fill out our inquiry form below.

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